Blogging For Beginners Tips Ideas And Information: Competitor Website Analysis Simple Guidance For Beginners

Competitor Website Analysis Simple Guidance For Beginners

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What is competitor website analysis why should you need to do an analysis of your competitor's website. Advantages and benefits of competitor website analysis, I will also share with you how to do competitor website analysis, and tell you about the best tools of competitor website analysis. So stick around this article and keep reading I am going to discuss the following things with you.

  1. What is competitor website analytics
  2. Why should you do competitive website analytics (Advantages and Benefits of competitive intelligence)
  3. How to do competitor website analysis
  4. Best tools for competitor website analysis

What Is Competitor Website Analysis

Competitor website analysis is a process of following things

  1. measuring a competitor's website
  2. collection of data about a competitor's website
  3. Finding of reports about competitor's websites

To go to the websites listed above your website or appears on the top of search results for your targeted keywords. It is very helpful to optimize your website and also help to improve its effectiveness. You can make your website more user-friendly and search engine friendly by analyzing your competitor's website.

Why Should You Do Competitor Website Analysis

Following are the main reasons why should you must need to do competitor website analysis.
  1. To improve the visual structure of your website
  2. To improve the effectiveness of your website
  3. To improve the SEO of your website

To Improve Visual Structure of Your Website.

In the process of competitor website analysis when you visit your competitor's website you mostly focus on the following things.

  1. What kind of theme or template your competitor has on his site.
  2. The layout of your competitor's website like positions of header footers and sidebars.
  3. What kind of Gadgets and widgets your competitor has used on his site.
  4. images of that specific post you are analyzing.
  5. What kind of sub-topics your competitors focused on.
  6. What kind of heading and subheading your competitor have used in that post.
  7. What kind of affiliate programs your competitor is promoting on that particular post.

To Improve Effectiveness Of Your Website

When you will visit your competitor's website you will also read the content of your competitor's website.
and you will notice two of the following things.

  1. Things you are better than your competitor.
  2. you also notice things you are weak then your competitor.

leave better things aside you can make your weak points better by blending your competitor points with your own ideas.

To Improve SEO Of Your Website

You have to find out the following things by analyzing your competitor's website.
  1. Visibility
  2. Search engine traffic
  3. keywords for them your competitor ranked in search engine.
  4. your competitors top pages(by visiting these pages you can find that what kind of topics people love to read in your niche.) 
  5. Backlinks of your competitor and as well referring domains of your competitor. (referring domain means that how many websites have backlinks of a particular site)
  6. Does your competitor use a paid promotion or not.
  7. On Page SEO quality of your competitor's website.

How To Do Competitor Website Analysis

You have to need to analyze your competitor's website in two ways.
  1. Generally visiting your competitor website.
  2. Analyze the competitor website for SEO purpose.

  To Find And Visit Your Competitors Website.

  1. Go to Google search and type your focused keywords one by one.
  2. Choose and copy links of top few websites those will appear under each keyword you have focused on your campaign.
  3. Visit them one by one and analyze both the visual and content health aspects.
  4. Then after analyzing your competitors improve your website where you find weaknesses on your website.

To Analyze Your Competitor's SEO To Improve Your Website's SEO.

To improve the SEO of your website in comparison to your competitor's website you need to find out following things of your competitor's website.

  1. Search Engine Traffic
  2. Top Keywords.
  3. Top pages of your competitor's website
  4. backlinks
  5. referring domains
  6. paid promotion details
  7. SEO quality
  8. Domain analysis

Competitor Analysis Tools

Following are the best competitor website analyzing tools available over the internet.

SEM rush Competitive intelligence

SEM Rush is a Software as a Service Company based in Philadelphia USA which provides Search Engine Marketing Software to its subscribers. 
SEM rush provides Search Engine Marketing Intelligence data including following things to it subscribers
  1. competitor's website traffic information
  2. Keyword data and information
  3. AdWords keywords detail and paid promotion analysis
  4. SEO analysis and competitor's website audit
  5. Topics research
  6. Lead Generation 
According to Wikipedia SEM rush top, customers include eBay, Quora,, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and BMP Paribas.

SERP Stat All In One Platform

SERP stat is a Software As A Service company. It is based in Odessa Ukraine. it is all in one SEO platform.
SERP Stat includes the following services for search engine marketing.

  1. Keyword research.
  2. Rank Tracking
  3. Detailed backlink analysis
  4. website audit of the competitor's website.
  5. Competitor's keyword analysis
SERP Stat Notable customers include Shopify, Lenovo, and L'Oreal Paris.

Read MyConclusion

In my point of view competitor website analysis is a necessary part of the whole SEO process. By using it you actually make your both op page and off page SEO better next to your competitors on your targeted keywords. If your content, on page SEO and off page SEO is better then your competitor your website or blog post must rise up more then your competitor soon.