Blogging For Beginners Tips Ideas And Information: Social Media Marketing Guide Guidelines Planning And Strategy

Social Media Marketing Guide Guidelines Planning And Strategy

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Social media marketing guide, I have created this article to help absolute beginners and dummies to do the planning and make a strategy . I have tried to provide complete guidelines to start on social media.
I am going to give the following planning and strategy in this social media marketing guide to beginners and dummies.

  1. What is social media marketing
  2. Does social media marketing work
  3. Social Media Marketing vs SEO
  4. Social media marketing vs Email Marketing
  5. Best social media networks for marketing
  6. How to do social media marketing
  7. Best social media marketing tools

 What Is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a process of the promotion of a product, a service, a blog post and a website on social media websites.
It is becoming popular as a parallel term of search engine marketing and email marketing. Because there are a lot of people have different kinds of interests and needs daily active on these social media networks.
It is also very beneficial for professional promoters and advertisers because these also have built-in social engagement analytics system, which is also very helpful to check out how their promotion is working.
same as that social media is free to use you can run an advertising campaign on social media for free.

Does Social Media Marketing Work

Social media marketing does not work for everyone because it is not easy and requires time. It depends on which network you are using and on which time you are active on that particular network. it also depends on your skill level and preparation.
Different methods work with different products, services, and niches, If anyone does not have the skill to work with different methods it will not work for him.

Social Media Marketing Vs SEO

These are the main points I have observed how social media marketing is better or necessary than the SEO.
If you have a good following and a good skill level than you will get results immediately after posting and you will start getting traffic to your links and as well as you will start getting engagement on your post. but if you have noticed that Search engines are very slow they take at least one month to index your website and then to rank your site they also take more months and after this period your website is starting to come in top results and than you will start getting traffic to your site.
SEO is very difficult especially for beginners, it needs a lot of things which a new person to SEO learn with experience after some time., But social media marketing is easier a lot you just need an attention-grabbing and keyword rich description and an eye-catching stunning photo for your social media posts.
Social media marketing actually gives benefit to the SEO of your website, Because most social media networks are highly engaged high authority websites and the links you post on these networks actually backlinks on these sites and when a visitor clicks on these links a strong message sent to search engine that a high authority website referring visitor to this site.

Social Media Marketing Vs Email Marketing

Basically, Email marketing is better than social media marketing in many ways because your email subscribers are actually the people those are interested in your niche or topic and willingly allow you to contact them in person for updates.
whenever you send an email your more than 50% of subscribers respond you
and as the result, You get more traffic to your blog and affiliate links so you also earn more.
But if you do not use social media than it means that you are missing more than 25% of your web traffic.
Social media marketing is better than Email marketing in the following ways.
Emails can only be sent to a specific person you can send sperate email to each person but with one single share, you can reach most of your friends or followers.
 And the other thing is that you can easily analyze the performance of a social media post rather than an email

Best Social Media Network For Marketing

Following are the best social media networks for social media marketing
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Pinterest
  5. Instagram
  6. Youtube
These websites have millions of daily active users many of them even have groups and communities of people those are having the same interests. If you use them the right way they have a lot of potential in them.

How To Do Social Media Marketing

Do the following things to start social media marketing.
  1. Complete your all social media profiles
  2. If you are not a public figure than use your product service blog or website name
  3. you can also use popular keywords related within your space as your profile title.
  4. Create a keyword rich description related to your product service or blog and website niche.
  5. Add profile header or cover image
  6. Also, add the profile icon image
  7. Enter all your personal details like location, age, email, phone, and other information.
  8. after completing your profile engage on your social network
  9. type your keywords related to your niche or topic or hashtags.
  10. like share and comment on each of the posts even reply to existing comments.
Interested people will start visiting and checking your profile and soon you will start getting traffic to your links.
The most important things are
  1. Stick around one network
  2. Engage with others (comments, replies, and personal messages)
  3. Post or share other posts frequently

Best Tools For Social Marketing

 From content discovery from social media to social media management tools there are a lot of tools available for every person according to his needs. I have categorized them into two portions.

  1. Social media posts preparation tools
  2. Social media management tools

Social media post preparation tools

I use the following Free tools for designing and preparing my social media posts.

BuzzSumo (Free content discovery tool)

 It is helpful for finding how many similar articles already existed on the social web and you can also how interesting and eye-catching their titles are.
so it will help you to create a more interesting headline for social media.

Canva (Free image designing and editing for social media)

It is an online and almost free tool to design and create images for social media and for your blog. it has a lot of ready-made free images for every platform so you can easily choose a photo and just replace text on the photo and download it and then upload it to your particular social media website.

AnyImage (free custom image for your links)

This tool allows you to add a custom title, description, and custom image to any link. (your affiliate link or your blog post link)

  1. Using this tool you can create multiple links with different headings and subtopics you have covered in your blog post.
  2. many affiliate links and referral links are blocked by social networks you can post these links on social media with an attractive image and your own title and description.
  3. when you post a link on twitter it remains a link and never show details like on facebook but when you post this link on twitter it shows image title and description automatically.

Picsee (Free YouTube enlarge thumbnail generator for FB)

It is very much similar to AnyImage just copy and paste video URL in it, it will automatically generate a new unique link for that particular video and then you put this link into facebook I will show a large image of your video thumbnail instead of the small tiny thumbnail on a side.

HashTagify (Free Twitter Search)

It is a free and very helpful tool to ind the most popular hashtags for Twitter. You just need to enter your keyword into and press enter.
After few moments scroll down a little and you will find most popular hashtags related to your keyword.
It shows the most popular hashtag in large size and least popular into small size. you can include these hashtags into your tweets to increase your Twitter reach

All HashTags (Free hashtags generator)

this is a free tool helpful for generating hashtags for Instagram and Linkedin just enter your keyword into it you will get all possible hashtags and also it provides 30 best hashtag list you can use them into Instagram and Linkedin posts.

Social media management tools

There are many Social media management tools available on the internet and you maybe watched videos and read blogs about them.
they are a god to use and have many users around the world for example
  1. Buffer
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Social Oomph
But I suggest using the following tools

AgoraPulse (Simple And Affordable Social Media Management)

AgoraPulse is simple and easy to use tools which have all needful features to accommodate its users.

Features of AgoraPulse

  1. Statement Analysis
  2. Hide Facebook Spam from Your Audience
  3. Upload content in bulk
  4. One click saved replies
  5. Queue catagories
  6. Which topic engage the most
  7. Save conversations for follow up
  8. Eliminate Twitter Bots and spams
  9. Social Publishing tools
  10. Social Ad comment management
  11. Social inbox zero

Conclusion And Final Words

As you know social media becoming more and more popular, every person who have internet access must have one or more social media profiles on top social media networks like facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. so if a blogger or marketer does not utilize social web to promote his business he miss lot of web traffic.