What Is Social Media Marketing And How To Do It Easy Guide

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What is social media marketing or micro blogging and best microblogging sites and twitters.

You must have heard about the term MicroBlogging or Short Blogging and want to know that what is microblogging, why did people use microblogging and how to use microblogging to increase blog or website traffic.
In this article,, I will explain these following queries.

1.      What is MicroBlogging? (textbook Definition and Explanation)
2.      Use of MicroBlogging for Optimization and Promotion of a Blog or a Website.
3.      Tips for micro-blogging
4.      List of MicroBlogging Platforms.

What is MicroBlogging?

the act or practice of making short, frequent posts to a
microblogging service.

"microblogging allows 'anyone with something to say' to find an
Microblogging is very similar to Social media Update and SMS message.   It has mostly done on social media platforms where a blogger have an audience (friends and followers)

These microblog posts Contain (all formats or may be one of them)
Audio clips
Video clips
for reaching all kind of audience.
The purpose of posting all these formats is driving web traffic to the main blog or affiliate link.
How to do online business optimization through microblogging
A microblog is a great way to support and promote your blog, website and affiliate product.

You can share a small piece of information about your blog post, website content and affiliate product with your audience and followers in the form of a text paragraph, infographic image audio clip and video clip as I earlier mentioned above.
Due to the small size of a microblog post, you can easily create multiple blog post on different topics for your audience in short time.
Because blog posts of a microblog are simply easy and quick. so you can generate a lot of contents or information about your blog posts website and affiliate product in short time.
you can also generate backlinks on microblog posts which are very helpful to gain search engine rankings.
The biggest benefit of microblogging is that you can teach people about your brand or product. which will provide you visitors and customers for your blog website and affiliate products.

Tips for microblogging

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completely fill up your profiles and bios and add your real photos as profile pictures of all social networks you want to use for microblogging. It will gain the trust of people on these network  interested in your blog Subject or affiliate product
Give a style or personality to your posts or micro contents, for example, helpful, informative or technical because it will encourage and motivate people to read your posts continuously as well as to follow you for more
Always put popular keywords related to your blog subject into your posts it will very helpful to get visitors to a particular post. For example, if a person writes a keyword on facebook search your post will appear in search results 
Create in-text backlinks on mentioned above keywords and put related posts URLs of your main blog or affiliate links beneath these keywords, it will helpful for driving traffic to your blog or product page as well as it provides high-quality backlinks to increase search engine rankings
Facebook Google plus and Twitter do not allow intext links in this case you can post few lines or a paragraph of your blog post from a particular part and at the end you can invite Blog's visitors by "read more" or "continue reading"  and then you can leave the post's link for getting visitors

List of microblogging Platforms (in my opinion)


Quora is basically questions and answers website founded by Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever in 2009. The users of Quora can ask questions to others and also can give answers to others questions.
You can use Quora as microblogging Platform by answering others questions. choose a question related to your blog subject and affiliate product, then create a suitable answer put keywords and in-text links into these keywords then publish your answer.
People will come to Quora searching for the same question that you have chosen and answered, and few of them will click on the in-text links in keywords and re-directed to your blog post for a long time.
According to Quora founder Adam D'Angelo. Quora has over 200 million monthly unique visitors


Reddit is a social news website which is founded by Steve Huffman in 2005. Reddit has over 500 million monthly visitors and from them, over 200 million are unique users
On Reddit users can post links. text posts. and images on users created boards or categories which are called subReddits on Reddit. Reddit also allows in-text links.
You can choose a subreddit or category of your choice which is related to your blog subject and affiliate product. You can post anything you find interesting to others.
If you already posted an answer on Quora and you find it suitable for Reddit users on a subreddit you can copy and paste it on Reddit give it a suitable title and post it

3.LinkedIn Articles.

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social media website which is founded by Raid Hoffman in 2002. According to Wikipedia LinkedIn has more than 100 million active users
LinkedIn has an interface like facebook you can create free profiles and also you can create connections on LinkedIn, your friends on LinkedIn are called connections. LinkedIn has an extra feature of article writing on your news feed. You can write anything related to your blog subject or affiliate product. LinkedIn also allows in-text links in these articles.


Tumblr is a micro-blogging social media website founded by David Karp in 2007.  users can post links to text multimedia like GIFs videos and images. users can create short articles using multimedia file formats, users on Tumblr can follow each other and also can send private messages.
Tumblr has over 500 million monthly visitors.
You can write a short article on any topic. if it has space in it for keywords related to your blog subject or affiliate product. You can create in-text links for your blog post and affiliate products. for these keywords. if you have a good following or interesting articles then it will be a good source of traffic for your blog or affiliate product page.
Medium is an online publishing platform founded in 2012 by Evan William. Medium is a kind of social journalism. The medium also has different types of users and blogs and publications. and in some aspects, it is quite similar to Twitter and Tumblr.
Create an article on any topic. And put keyword related to your blog subject and affiliate product. Create in-text links in these keywords. it will be a good source of backlinks as well as web traffic.
The medium has around 46 million users around the world.


Twitter is a social news network founded by Jack Dorsey in 2006. On Twitter users posts news about themselves, for their follows. originally tweets were limited to 140 characters. But later on, these were extended to 280 characters in November 2017. Due to this small size of tweets, Twitter is often called SMS of the internet also.
Twitter is one of the ten most visited websites and has more than 100 million users.
Because of the short size of tweets. You are not able to post short articles to gain the interest of your followers. Instead of it, you can only post headlines or few selective lines from your blog post or affiliate product's page. And along with it, you can post the URL of your blog post or affiliate product.
If you have a good amount of niche related followers then you will get a good amount of web traffic from twitter.

Ending Words.
I hope you have gained your knowledge about micro-blogging and its uses. I have also included a list of micro-blogging services that I use. which will be helpful for you.

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