Blogging For Beginners Tips Ideas And Information: What Is A Blog And Which Is Better Blog Vs Website

What Is A Blog And Which Is Better Blog Vs Website

what are a blog and a comparison between blog and website checkout which is better blog vs website?

Do you know what blogs are? If not then keep reading because I am going to tell you my study about what blogs are and why people do blogging?
Back in 1994, it is started as a daily online journal or online diary, where people share their routine or experience with others. Later on, it turned to a platform where anyone can share anything with others.
And these days if you have any question in your mind you can easily find it over the internet and there are millions of answers to your single question they are all blog posts uploaded by individuals. Large-scale blogs are sometimes operated by groups of people.

What is a blog

The blog is a shortened version of full word weblog, it is a form of journalism which is conducted online.
Design and format of a blog
Blogs are transformed and changed by time. And many features are included in blogs but blogs still have some main features.

Mostly you can find this area at the top of the page it contains the title of the blog sometimes it appears with a narrative description which is like an introduction of the blog.
Navigation Bar
The navigation bar is a horizontal line up of different links which are sometimes beautiful links buttons and sometimes they are simple text link mostly they are links to static pages of a blog. And bloggers do not change them frequently.
Bady Area
This area is the main part of a blog, here you find the articles or list of the article the list is in reverse order oldest post or article at the bottom of the page and latest one is on the top.
Side Bar
Mostly on the right side of the body area, you can easily identify the sidebar it is like a vertical box which includes blog search, top posts social profiles and favorite posts.
Comment Section
Underneath each blog post, you will find a comment section. Where you can put your thoughts related to an article.
It is similar to the header but on the bottom of the page. It contains (c) copyrights information privacy policy and some other things related to the blog.

Difference between Blog and website

Before we differentiate blog and website let me tell you that a blog is a kind of a website, which is mostly a part of a website. You may notice that most websites have a link to the blog in their navigation bar.
Now let’s come to the point that what are the characteristics of a blog and website.
website vs blog, website vs blog,

Characteristics of a website.

1. Most websites have a basic level of information for example introduction of products and services.
2.  Websites are built for the specific purpose for that reason they have very low web traffic for example if a website is of a school then maybe it has visitor only the students of the particular school.
3. Low direct and organic traffic, because only a few people need to visit the website for some specific deeds. It is the reason for the search engine did not give them a higher rank.

Characteristics of a blog.

1. Unlike websites blog is not static they are progressive and ever-changing. Blogs have in-depth and comprehensive information about any topic when you search a topic on the web in search engines millions of page appeared for a single keyword most of them are blogs,
2. Blogs have a wide range of topics big blogs have thousands of pages indexed in search engines because of that blogs have huge web traffic, many people visit these blogs daily.
3. Blogs have ranked higher on search engines because of huge web traffic many people come directly or search on search engines and reach to these blogs.

 Why should you start a blog

There are many reasons for you to start a blog, after reading these reasons you can easily understand why you should start a blog.
Very low cost and free.
If you want to start a blog like professionals then you need to spend a few dollars. I think the amount you have to spend on this is equal to the weekly pocket money of a school going kid. So you do not need to to worry about starting a blog professionally.
If you want to start a blog for free, do not worry I am going to tell you great ways to start a blog for free. You can start a simple blog on and with useful features and easy to use interface you can start a blog on blogger. By using these platforms you can easily start a blog.

Blogs make you able to help others.
After creating a blog on any topic of your choice, you will create article or blog posts and in these blog posts, you will put tips and tricks tutorials and other information about different things people search over search engines and social networks and redirect to your blog. And get information that is helpful for them. So by doing blogging, you are actually helping people.
Blog develop your personality and communicational skills
Here I want to share a thing about me with you that when I had started back in 2007 I do not know that what is just understood at the time that it is a website which helps in making website and I created a page with my photos, later on, I remove it then leave it for a long time but when I understand blogging then  I started to study different things and topics know I can talk to any person about different topics. And you know that what my brothers and sisters and friends think about me that he must know something. This is all due to blogging because I read more I think more than others.
You can easily become famous by Blogging
Honestly, I am not an expert or a big name in blogging but if you check my social profiles like Quora, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and others. You will notice that there are few people following me and I have got some likes and shares. Although I am not a Great one there are few people in the world consider me a blogger. So blogging is a source of fame for me.
You can also earn from your blog
You have probably hear read or watch in youtube videos with proofs that many bloggers claim that they earn thousands of dollars per month. 

But it does not happen to them overnight, and they do a lot of hard work for that.
You can also earn from your blog there are many methods for this purpose.

Final words
I think now you understand blogs better then before, also you understand why people like to do blogging now it is easy for you to take a decision to start a blog or not.

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