How to add a custom permalink for blog post in Blogger

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How to add a custom permalink for your blog post in blogger

Do you want to change or set up a new custom permalink for your blog post in blogger.
By following few simple steps mentioned in this article you can easily change or customize blog post permalink.

Step 1
blogger, create new blog post in blogger, edit existing blog post in blogger,
create a new or open an existing blog post

1.       Create a new post by clicking on new post butn.
2.       Click on the edit button underneath post title from the list of exsisting posts. Blog post editor will be opened.

Step 2
blogger, custom permalink,
click on permalink

1.       On the right side setting menu of your blog post editor click on permalink it will expand and show few options.

Step 3
blogger, custom permalink, setting
add a custom permalink

1.       On  the expanded menu click on custom permalink a text entry box willappear, here click  enter  word or phrase of your choice sprated with (-) andclick on done.

In the case of already published blog posts.

You will not get any option for custom permalink in the permalink tab, as shown in the image below

blogger, already published posts, permalink setting,
custom permalink option will be not available in already published posts

You will have just need to do a very simple step for that,
blogger, custom permalink, revert to draft,
click on revert to draft to get custom permalink option again

Cclick on revert to draft and then click on permalink tab , you will find that custom permalink option is available again,

I hope after reading the article and after watching guideline images, now you can easily create a custom permalink for your blog post to get better SEO.

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