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Blogger Google Analytics A Guide To Add Your Blogspot Blog

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Blogger google analytics I have create this guide to help you to to add your Blogspot blog into google analytics read this and after reading this article you will be able to install and submit google analytics to your blogger blog.
Do you want to track or analyze your blog traffic then you must link or connect your blog with Google Analytics, which is most widely used web analytics service over the internet?

Follow these simple and easy process to add your Blogger blog to google analytics.

Open Google Analytics Home Page To Add Blogger Blog

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On the homepage of Google analytics at the top right corner click on Sign in. A drop-down menu will appear.

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On the drop-down menu at the top click on will be forwarded to Google Analytics dashboard.

Create New Account In Google Analytics To Add Blogger Siteblogger google analytics, blogspot google analytics, blog google analytics,

1.       On Google Analytics dashboard’s left side menu scroll down to find and click on Admin.
2.       Administration page will be opened here find Account, and underneath account heading click on the down arrow, a drop-down menu will appear.
3.       On the drop down menu click on Create a new account.

By doing this you will be forwarded to the next New Account page.

Adding Blogger Blog Or Site To Google Analytics

On the new account page, you need to do a few things.

1.       Click on website
2.       Choose a name for your new account.
3.       Enter your website name.
4.       Enter your website URL but remember to enter it without HTTP:// because it is selected by default.
5.       Select your website category for example business, sports, education.
6.       Select your country and time zone.
  Re-check your data and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
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7.       Click on the Get Tracking ID.

It will forward you to Google Analytics terms of service agreement.

Google Analytics Terms Of Service To Add New Blog Or Site

On this page, you need to do two things,

1.       Check to mark the box given to near the bottom.

2.       And click on I Agree

Get Tracking Code To Add Google Analytics To Blogger

After accepting terms of service you will get Tracking ID for your blog or site.
It should be like that UA-123456789-1,

Copy it carefully.

Add Google Analytics Tracking Code To Blogger

Open blogger dashboard and do a few short steps on blogger.

1.       Select the blog you are going to connect with google analytics.
2.       On the side, menu click on settings.
3.       On the expanded menu click on others.
4.       Scroll down and find Google Analytics.
5.       Click in the text entry box next to google analytics heading and paste the tracking ID that you have already copied from google analytics site.
6.       Then click on save settings.
You have all done it takes nearly 48 hours to show your site or blog on google analytics.

With the help of this article now you can easily add your blog or site which is based on Blogger Platform. And now you can also monitor your blog 's or website's engagement for free because it is free to use google tools.