Blogging For Beginners Tips Ideas And Information: How to change and modify blog design of blogger.

How to change and modify blog design of blogger.

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How to change and modify your blog design

Do you want to swtich and reorganize your blog design to make your blog more interesting. You can easily do that because google made it very easy for it’s users.

Blogger has two different paths for modification of your blog.

1.       Changing the General arrangement or layout of your blog.
2.       Editing and costumization of the main look of your blog.

Change the general arrangement of your blog.
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Change the general arrangement of your blog.

1.       God to blogger and select the blog you want to update.
2.       From the left side menu select Layout. Layout page will appear.
3.       On the layout page anywhere you want to add something click on Add Gadget  and install widgets and plugins according to your wish.
4.       You can also update, modify and remove any existing gadgetor widget by click on the edit button on the gadget.
5.       You can also drag and drop any gadget from one location to another.

Re Shapeing the main look of your blog.

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Customization of the log theme

1.       Go to blogger dashboard and select the blog you want to edit.
2.       On the left menu select theme.
3.       Under the live on blog select customize.

After your click on customize button blogger theme designer page will be opend.
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Using the blogger theme designer
1.       Here on the left side of the page you will find options to do.

1.       Theme blogger offers you to change your blog theme here.
2.       Background you can change the background image of your blog. You can upload your own designed image or select from a range of images provided by blogger.
3.       Adjust width you can change the width of your blog’s post body area and side bars as you wish.
4.       Layout you can change the appearance of post body area and footers either you want on side bar, side bar on both sides, sides bar at left only, side bar at right only or side bar at bothg sides and also you can select number of footers.
5.       Advanced here you can select and change color, font, and font size of your blog text. And I think also you can change color and size of borders of posts body area, side bars, header and footers.
2.       When you will click on any option tab its details will be expanded in this area.
3.       As mentioned in the images above you can find the live preview of your blog. It is also showing the changes you made before save the settings.
4.       At the right corner of the page you can apply your changes to your blog and then move back to blogger dashboard.

I hope now you will understand that how to re-organize the general arrangements of your blog as well how to change the main look of your blog