Do You Know How to Do SEO the Right Way?

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If you want to rank number one on google then you need to seo. You will not become sucessful on google without learning seo marketing. it is search engine marketing by using it you will become topper on google.
Probably you have heard of SEO. And you are doing it now for your blog or website. But question is, are you doing SEO right way? Here in this article, I am going to tell you that what SEO actually is, how many kinds it has and how to apply it. So do not go to SEO services and do it yourself.

You will learn the following things from this article.

1 – What is SEO?
2 – Why should we do SEO?
3 – Kinds of SEO
4 – Best SEO tools
5 – Tips to do SEO.

SEO is the 80 percent of your total Blog or Website building work. It means that it is hours long hard work which sometimes become boring but please do not leave the game in the middle keep doing your hard work and you will find the results within a few days. Your page will start showing up in google and other search engines and you will start to get traffic. So read the article carefully make a timetable and apply all things of SEO one by one.
1 – What is SEO?
SEO is the short form of search engine optimization. It is the method of making your webpage visible top organic or free search engine results. The whole process involves technical and creative elements. You have to apply these both methods to get visitors from search engines. Actually, you create awareness in search engines about your web pages. Seo has many angles. It creates awareness in search engines to find your site and place it in the right place which your page deserves.SEO works in multiple directions from your page structure to the other high-rank websites of the internet that how they point towards your site with particular keywords.

2 – Why should we do SEO?

In the present environment of the internet. SEO becomes more important than ever before. Millions of people over the internet search on different sea4rch engines and resolve their problems and find answers for their questions. By doing SEO you can grow your site's organic or free traffic and as well as your site's revenue or income.
People search over the internet and redirected to one of the top results and SEO makes you capable to get into these top results.
1 – You should do SEO because it helps you to make your blog or website more user-friendly. Because by using different SEO tricks your webpage’s loading speed become faster and that leaves a positive impression on users.
2 – You should do SEO because it enhances your site’s outreach. In the process of SEO, you try to reach every possible platform. Which also becomes a source of web traffic for your site.
3 – You should do SEO because due to good SEO search engine spot and place your site at a higher position in search results. It increases organic or free traffic to your site multiple times and in the result, you earn a big income from your site.
3 – Kinds of SEO.

On page SEO
Off page SEO

On Page SEO
On the page, SEO is all about the optimization you do on your own page.
1 – Keyword research
In on page SEO, it is a very important factor you have to choose relevant and high priority keywords for your blog and blog posts as well.
If you fail to do so then you will never get targeted visitors to your blog posts.
For example, this post is about SEO I searched over the web and different tools and find that SEO is a high priority keyword for this topic so I use it at a different location in my blog post.
Where you should place keywords.
On the main blog
1 – In blog title
2 – in the blog description
3 – in blog Meta description

On blog post
1 – Post title
2 – Post search description
3 – First paragraph
4 – In images ALT text
By applying relevant keywords you can increase your site’s traffic multiple times.

2 – Image optimization
Images make the visitor feel good while reading a blog post. Because of this images are very important for a webpage. You also have some images on your web pages. You need to keep them concise.
You need to reduce image size in two ways.
Reduce data size of an image
Reduce display size of an image
You can save a lot of space just by doing this.
3 – Text to code ratio
Search engines like pages full of text. And also search engine cannot understand images and videos. So you need to maintain a good text and code ratio your text to code ratio must be 10 percent to 50 percent.
If your text is not sufficient then it is a possibility that search engine may ignore your page. So just check your page’s text to code ratio.
4 – Reduce the number of widgets
Widgets and gadgets actually use a lot of JavaScript that increases the page size and slow down your page speed so you have to use a few of widgets to keep your page size small.
5 – Broken links removal
Broken links are the links those are possibly entered wrong or removed and do not redirect the visitor to another website or page just leave them in the middle this is not a good experience for both visitor and search engine.
Find out what kind of links on your pages and remove them or redirect them to another website.
Off page SEO
Off page SEO is related to do optimization you do on other web pages over the internet. Mostly it is the process you use to build backlinks with particular keywords.
1 – Directories submission
Web directories are just like telephone directories. They create lists of websites in different categories. When search engine’s crawler crawls these directories it finds your webpage in them with a particular keyword in the result search engine increase your page rank with this particular keyword. These web directories are very helpful to use them and leave footprint of your webpage on them to get high rank on search engine.
2 – Social bookmarking
When you use social networks for getting backlinks only it is called social bookmarking. Social media networks are high ranking websites. Backlinks on social media sites are very helpful to increase your search engine ranking.
3 – Articles submissions
There are a lot of websites offer short article submission you can create short articles within your niche space and create backlinks for your blog posts in particular keywords.
4 – Blog commenting
It is also a very effective practice for off page SEO and as well as it is a source of traffic. Find comment enabled high PR blogs in your niche space and comment on it and leave your backlinks on them.
4 – SEO tools
There are several online SEO tools available on the internet. You can join them according to your needs and your budget. You can examine your page and as well as your competitor’s page, you can compare your page with your competitor in a particular keyword and you can defeat your competitors by making your page better than them.
According to my research following are best SEO tools.

SEMrush is a popular SEO and SEM online tool used by webmasters, blog owners and affiliate marketers for webpage audit, social media monitoring, page rank tracking, and competitor analysis. SEMrush can help you to find your competitor’s free and paid traffic detail, backlink detail, and competitor’s top keywords, SEMrush is very helpful for on page and off page SEO and also helps to defeat your search competitors. Many big names on the internet are using SEMrush like eBay, Quora,, Hewlett Packard and BNP Paribas.

SERPstat is a keyword research and competitor analysis tool. It is very useful for keyword research, search analytics, advertising analysis, content marketing suggestion, competitor research and analysis, rank tracking, market intelligence, and webpage audit and error suggestions. It uses 17 regions of google search engine and 3 regions of Yandex search engine. It is best for individual bloggers because of it low-cost subscriptions.
5 - SEO Tips
1 – Do in-depth keyword research and choose highly relevant keywords to focus on.
2 – Use the keyword in blog post title, search description, first paragraph, images ALT text and H1 to H6 heading tags.
3 – Create in-text backlinks and create them on focused keywords.
4 – SEO is a time consuming and boring job do not get tired of it. Keep doing it with a pace you will find results after a short period of time.
5 – SEO is a continuous process does not stop it in the middle keep this continue regularly update your existing pages and as well create new pages.