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How to Submit Blogger to Google Search and Bing & Yahoo Search.

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You have created enough articles. And have completed your Blogger's blog recently. And you have submitted your blog's posts URLs into top web directories, as well as you have created backlinks using Micro-Blogging on different social media networks. And you have created backlinks using different backlinking methods also. And now you want to submit your blog to Google search and Bing & Yahoo search. Follow my this easy step by step guideline with pictures. After reading this article you will able to submit your blog to Google search and Bing & Yahoo search easily.
Keep reading You will get submission methods for two leading search engines.
1.       How to submit your Blogger site to Google search console. (Google Search)
2.       How to submit Blogger site to Bing webmaster tools. (Bing & Yahoo search)

How to submit your blog to Google searchconsole.

At first open Google search console.  logged in with that account. in which you have created your blog on Blogger. I do not know. it is technically beneficial or not. but I always do that.

Step 1 You Site Submission.

add a site to google search console,

On Google search console. Click on 'Add A Property' and then add a property box will open.
You have to do three simple things here in this here.
google site submission,

    1.       You will have to select or assure. The website, because you are submitting your blog. which is a website basically.
    2.       You will have to enter. your blog's URL here. in this text entry box.
    3.       After entering your blog's URL. Click on Add button.
This will redirect you to a new page. Which will show on the top that your blogger site has been added.

Step 2 Sitemap Submission of Your Site.

google search console sitemap submission

Here you do need to do few more things to submit the sitemap to your blog.
    1.       On the left menu locate and Click on Crawl tab. to expand it to a sub-menu.
    2.       On the expanded sub-menu. Click on Sitemaps. A new page will open.
Add a sitemap to google search console,

It will send you to another page. On this page click on Add/Test a Sitemap a box will open under the button.
Add sitemap code into text box on google search box,

On this Box, you can easily find. That your blog's URL is ending with '/'. And in front of it an empty text entry box.
    1.       In both cases, whether you are using a ‘default Blogspot domain’ or ‘a custom domain’ you can enter the given below code for sitemap
If you are using a blog spot default domain. Then you can simply enter The given below text into text entry box.
    2.       After entering the text codes. Click on Submit button. It will lead you to the next page that will show a message on the top. that your sitemap has been submitted. It is showing in the image given below.
blogger goole search console submission,

How to submit your blogger site to Bing Webmaster tools.

Site Submission in Bing webmaster tools is little different than Google search console. Here you have needed to submit URL and sitemap together instead of doing it separately. And the other thing is you have to verify the ownership of your blogger site.
And you also will have noticed that Google will have automatically verify your Blogger site. if you will log in with the same account with which you have to create your blog.

Site and Sitemap Submission.

blogger submission to bing, bing blogger submission,
    1.       On Bing webmaster dashboard. Find add a site. And enter your site's URL.
     2.       And then click on Add button. It will send you to a next page.
on the next page, you will have to do few more things.
bing site submission, bing sitemap submission,

    1.       You will find that URL of your blog will already exist on URL section.
    2.       Under URL section. on add a sitemap section. enter the URL of your blog's sitemap.
     3.       Leave this box as it is. or set it to default.
    4.       And then click on add button. your site will be added to Bing webmaster tools.

Verification of ownership.

After clicking on Add button. It will send You forward to the verification page. Here you will have provided the authentication of the ownership of your blog. How will it do? Follow given steps.

  1. Scroll down a little to option 2.
  2. Copy the entire code.
  3. Go to Blogger. select the same blog you are going to submit to Bing webmaster. And paste the code under <head>.
  4. Then on verification page of Bing webmaster tools. click on Verify button. Your blog will be verified and submitted, to Bing and Yahoo Search.

How to open HTML editor and find <head> tab on Blogger.

blogger html editor, edit blogger html,

Go to Blogger. And on the left side menu, select theme, then on next page click on Edit HTML button, HTML  editor will open..

You can easily find <head> tab on blogger HTML editor.
blogger html editor.

Ending Words.

I have put everything that I know, about Google search console and Bing webmaster tools submission. I hope now you would easily do submission of your blogger site to Google and Bing.

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