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6 Useful Things You Need To Know To Start A Blog Like Experts

start a blog

You need to start a blog, and you have numerous inquiries in your mind to start a blog. I will give you my encounters about how to start a blog and blogging.

You need to take after, the following Guidelines to start a blog.

1 – Pick a Topic for your blog.

2– Pick the best Platform or website to start a blog.

3 – Pick the best hosting and domain name service.

4 - Start composing contents for your blog posts.

5 - Do on the page and off page SEO.

6 – Make money from blogging.

You may know or not that what is blog and blogging, Blog is an online Journal and blogging is online Journalism, individuals compose articles about their blog topic, and give assistance to their blog readers about various issue identified with their blog subject.

For example, my blog topic is 'blogging' and this article you are reading is around an issue identified with blogging.

Steps to start a blog

    1 – Pick a topic for your blog.

start a blog

·        Think for a minute do you have a few likings and interests? Truly everybody has numerous interests, and you additionally have numerous interests.

With the assistance of following tips, you can without much of a stretch pick a subject for your blog.

With the assistance of following tips, you can without much of a stretch pick a point for your blog.

Choose a topic

1 - About which you’re Passionate

2 - About which you like to talk about with other individuals.

3 - About which You Don't Mind Debate with Other People.

4 - About which you’re Not over Sensitive.

5 - About which You Enjoy Researching on the internet.

List of topics to start a Blog.

Following is an example list of topics to start a blog, you can pick one subject for your blog, nothing matters, if your coveted topic isn't on the list, you can pick your own

1 - Self-improvement
2 - Health & Fitness
3 - Language Learning
4 - Travel and tourism
5 - Social Media hacks and tricks.
6 - Self Defense
7 - Recipes & Food
8 - Relationship
9 - Behavioral disorders in children
10 - weight loss tips
11 - DIY Projects
12 -Careers and Jobs
13 - Home and Garden / interior design
14 - Mind strengthening tips
15 - Personal financial management
16 - Ghost-hunting
17 - Video Game tutorials/reviews
18 - Small Business development
19 - Photography, Cameras and Photo editing
20 - Blog & Website Design
21 - Videography, video cameras and video editing
22 - Vegan diet
23 - Sports news / Sports training
24 - Surfing and Boating
25 - Android and iPhone apps development
26 - Car maintenance
27 - blogging tips
28 - Windows or android tips and tricks
29 - Beauty care tips
30 - PC software reviews and users guides
31 - Electronics and Gadgets reviews

Presently in the wake of picking a blog topic, you need to push forward, toward your blog creation.

    2 – Best website to start a blog.

start a blog

As a new blogger, you will require a blogging platform which should easy to set up. .

What’s more, it should not require any HTML JAVA and coding abilities,

What’s more, in future as your blog’s audience will develop, you will require more highlights and features for your blog's audience, your blogging platform should have these sort of features and highlights.

If you will need to change the theme of your blog in future also, you will need to make your blog all the more engaging for your blog's group of onlookers, at that point your blogging platform should have different choices to get everything that sort of highlights.

Relatively every professional blogger utilizes WordPress.

I additionally recommend you to utilize WordPress to start your blog.

Favorable advantages of utilizing WordPress to start your blog.

1 - Search engine optimization, in spite of the fact that WordPress blog has not extraordinary SEO naturally but rather WordPress have various SEO extensions and plugins by utilizing them you can keep up the level of on-page SEO for your blog.

2 - Easy to utilize, on the off chance that you are new to WordPress and have no individual to assist you to have to don't stress you can assemble an expert looking blog for yourself.

3 - Easy installation on web hosting services, generally top web hosting and domain services have simple and a single click installation strategy for WordPress you can finish the procedure within a few minutes.

4 - Easy security, despite the fact that it is extremely difficult to keep your information score on the web, however, WordPress have multiple plugins for this reason and you can undoubtedly keep you blog score by utilizing them.

5 - Themes and customizations, WordPress has a lot of themes as indicated by your craving and furthermore as indicated by your blog topic too, and WordPress additionally has a profound level of customization of for these topics as per your desire WordPress plugins,

6 - WordPress modules, WordPress have modules relatively about each issue and issue you have with the WordPress stage in regards to your blog.

7 - Regular updates, WordPress is an open source platform and have an extremely propel content administration framework, it likewise routinely refreshes its content administration framework.

8 - Feedback and customer support, WordPress has a quick client emotionally supportive network. This component of WordPress makes it more premium platform among others since none of the other blogging platforms has any comparability with WordPress.

Above mentioned are few key advantages of WordPress and none of the other blogging platforms have this kind of features because of this reason almost all bloggers use WordPress

So I also suggest you Join WordPress to create your blog.

WordPress Plans and Prices


For Personal Use
For Freelancers
For Small Business
Per Month
Per Month
25 USD
Per Month
Yearly Billing
48 USD / Year
Yearly Billing
96 USD / Year
Yearly Billing
300 USD / Year
Visit: WordPress

3 – Best hosting and domain service for WordPress.

start a blog

You will also need to buy a hosting and domain service for your blog.

What features a good hosting company should have

Basic features of a good hosting and domain service provider.

1 - Speed

2 - Optimization

3 - Monitoring

4 - Security

5 - Feedback and costumer bolster

6 - Easy WordPress installation

According to my suggestion following two hosting and domain providers are best for WordPress.

1 – BlueHost hosting and domain.

it is considered that Bluehost is the best hosting and domain service for WordPress.
it is also 2,d top searched word on Google according to google trends and the first is ' best hosting for WordPress.


1 - FREE Domain
2 - FREE SSL Certificate
3 - FREE Costumer Emal
4 - 30 Days money Back Guarantee
5 - Automatic WordPress Installs
6 - 24/7 Support
7 - Automatic Updates
Bluehost hosting plans and rates

Choice Plus
2.95 USD
Per Month
5.45 USD
Per Month
5.45 USD
Per Month
                                                Visit: Bluehost

Bluehost domain rates
Per Year
Per Year
Per Year
Per Year
Per Year
Per Year
Visit: Bluehost

2 – iPage hosting and domain

Although iPage is little more pricey then Bluehost but it holds a spot in most of top 10 lists of best hosting and domain services for WordPress.
one reason is behind is the set of cool features and the other is they are in the business for more than a decade.


1 - FREE domain registration
2 - FREE email address
3 - FREE 24/7 support
4 - FREE drag and drop site builder
5 - FREE SSL Certificate
6 - 30-day money back guarantee
7 - FREE domain transfer
iPage hosting plans for WordPress

WP Starter
WP Essential
First Starting
3.75 USD
Per Month

Regular Renewals
7.49 USD
Per Month
First Starting
6.95 USD
Per Month

Regular Renewals
10.49 USD
Per Month
Visit: iPage

iPage domain rates
10.99 USD
Per Year
11.99 USD
Per Year
16.99 USD
Per Year
16.99 USD
Per Year
16.99 USD
Per Year
                                                   Visit: iPage

After the production of your blog connect it with your web hosting service. Presently your procedure of blog creation is finished, and you can do a blog's content creation for the blog's post composing.

4 – Create Professional quality contents.

start a blog

You have created a blog post and what you have put in it it really matters is it able to catch reader’s attention if you have 100 visitors on a blog post per day and 95 of them leave the page just reading first line of it its mean it is not written well and not written according to readers requirement. It will send a bad signal to the search engine and the search engine will start to drop your ranking.
So what you will need to do?
You will need to do following things.
1 – Research and find out what people need to know.
2 – Search the web and find how other bloggers of your niche write their contents on this particular topic

3 – Create your own unique content for the particular topic you have chosen. 
These are very helpful services to create a good content.

Content discovery tools.

Following three are my favorite tools, to discover contents,topics and information, about different topics.

1 - Quora
Pricing: Free
It is a Q &A website, where people ask questions and other individuals answer them. It is very helpful, to find out what people want to know about a topic lies in your space.

2 - Reddit.
Pricing: Free
It is a forum type website, people post their contents for other, and also upvotes and down votes other individuals contents, it can help you to find that what kind of content people find interesting, about the topic you have chosen to write on.

Pricing: Free
it is a very helpful website, to find top Google search queries, it can help you to find top phrases and queries in a google search about your topic.

Pricing: Free
It is a free tool, and very helpful to decide titles, for your blog post.

5 – Do the op page and off page SEO.

start a blog

Search engine optimization is an outstandingly vast Subject that is the reason everyone has his own specific methods, thoughts, and tricks to do SEO for his blog.
Following is my own procedure to do SEO.
On page SEO or site design improvement.

On page SEO.

Do in-depth Keywords research.

I suggest you utilize the following keyword research tools because trusted and free.

Pricing: Free

This site provides top 10 high priority keyword about any word or phrase you type in it.


Pricing: Free

It is very similar to above mention site it also shows top 10 keywords of high search priority.

Pricing: Free

This tool provides a lot of keywords for your topic and also display keyword of top priority from Google, Bing, YouTube and Amazon on one page and in different columns, but this tool does not provide the volume of search priority.

GoogleKeyword Planner

Pricing: Free

It is a part of Google AdWords and Google offer AdWords users to tag high priority keyword with their ads . just go to create an ad on google AdWords create a sample ad and find high priority keywords related to your topic.

You will need to add these keywords into

1 – Title of your blog post.
2 – Content of your blog post.
3 – Description of your blog post.

Code to text ratio.

This is an essential factor in on-page SEO. You should keep up a decent content to code proportion. At least 10% is viewed as a decent esteem. Web crawlers like articles loaded with content and text.

Pricing: Free

It shows page file size, HTML file size, text file size and text to code ratio.

Images optimization.

Vast size pictures lessen the stacking velocity of any website page. Remember this and diminish display and the data size of your blog pictures.
Your blog picture's width ought not more, from your blog page width.

As well you should reduce the data size of your blog images. (Image compressor)

Pricing: Free

It is a great tool for image compressing. it works with JPG, PNG and GIF image formats. Just add your image it will convert them automatically. but it works on images one by one.

Above mentioned are the major on page SEO technics, after applying them now you need to do off page SEO.

SEO Tools

Both are high-end professional SEO tools. These are usually used by SEO professionals all over the world to do SEO for their client’s websites. You can check them both and if you find them helpful then you can choose one of them according to your needs. These are very helpful to defeat your competitors in search results.


1 – Discover your organic competitors

2 – Discover best keywords of your competitors

3 – Uncover your competitor's ad strategies and budget

4 – Deep backlink analysis

5 – Site by site comparison (compare your site or page with your competitor’s website or page)

6 – On page SEO checker

7 – Backlinks checkup 

Off page SEO.

Off-page, SEO is all about leaving links to specific pages of your blog, on different high-rank websites with the keywords you have chosen for these links.

Web Directories Submission.

you will need to the URL of your blog and as well as links to your blog's posts on high-rank web directories with specific keywords you have chosen for them.

Social Bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is the process of making backlinks on a social media site for SEO purpose.

Article submission.

You also need to create articles and post them on Q and A sites, forum sites short blogging and community sites. These sites also send a positive signal to a search engine to increase your ranking.

Blog commenting

It is a difficult job to create backlinks by blog commenting. but if you succeeded in it and able to get backlinks from high PR blogs then these backlinks become a source of better search engine ranking and as well as sometimes they will give you target visitors.

You have done the whole process of blog creation and search engine optimization and now you have come near to the end of the whole process. now submit your site to top search engines and wait few days for indexing.

6 - Make money from your blog.

start  a blog

There are two following basic methods for earning from your blog.

1 - Monetization (by displaying ads)
2 - Affiliate Marketing (by selling online services and physical products)


Monetization is actually displaying ads on your blog. When these ads load on your page and someone watches them or click on them you earn money.

But it usually needs a huge web traffic movement or a lot of visitors for your blog. You just need to build a stream of visitors to your blog.

Mostly big ads networks only allow you to show their ads on your blog only when you have a high search engine rank and also have a lot of visitors on a daily base.
But there are few of them available allows you to display their ads instantly.

Easy to join CPM based ads network.

this is a good ad network for pop up and pop-under ads it also featured tab under and tab up ads. Whenever a visitor of your blog click on a link on your blog or even click on a clink spot by chance their pop up or pop-under ad will open. this kind of ads also gives good earning.


No requirement to join only need a blog or a website.
Approval within 24 hours.
pop up and pop-under ads
tab up and tab under ads
5 to 10 USD avg earning on per 1000 views
Monthly payments
Minimum payout 20USD
pay through PayPal.

Large-scale ads networks

Following are the top ads networks and used by most bloggers and website owners. These ad networks require a lot of hard work to get their approval.

AdSense by Google
it is a widely used ads network and most of the blog owners and webmasters use this ads network.


Full domain name
Six months at least of blog age.
High search engine ranking by Bing

An ads network powered by Bing, it provides responsive ads related to blog contents and also provides good ads rates to publishers. But as well it also has some requirements.


Full domain name
Good traffic
High search engine rack
at least 15 percent of web traffic from the US

Affiliate marking

It is another method to make money with a blog. and it is used by most bloggers. what you have to do in affiliate marketing? you have chosen an item related to your blog topic and put its link on your blog people click on the link and redirect to the page where it is available for sale. if someone buys through your link you earn a commission on each sale you do.

It is not easy need a lot of experience and good study. because you will need to encourage and motivate people to buy something.
But on the other hand, your earning through affiliate marketing is a lot more then your earning of your blog monetization., so by doing little more effort, you can earn a lot of money.

Following are the best affiliate networks you can use one of them to start your affiliate trade.

CJ affiliates (formerly known as commision junction)

These are the top and legitimate ways to make money from your blog.
After joining monetization networks and affiliate networks now you have finished the whole process of blog creation.

What should your daily routine with your blog?

1 - You have to find topics of people's interest,
2 - You have to create quality content on your blog,
3 - You have to do so of all your blog posts,

4 - You have to create backlinks for your blog posts and minimum 1000 backlinks for each post,
5 - You have to update existing blog post time to time,
Final words:

Remember blogging is a never-ending process in itself if you want to come on top then you just need to hard work and you need to create backlinks continuously if you will stop for a while to take a breath then your competitors must go ahead and forcefully snatch your spot on search engine so you have to keep hard work to maintain your search engine rank.

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