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How To Start A Blog without spending anaything

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You want to start a blog, and you have many questions in your mind. I am going to give you my experiences and studies about blogs and blogging.

How to start a blog

You will need to know the following things to get started.

1.       Choosing a subject or niche for you blog.
2.       Choosing a blogging service to create you blog.
3.       Your blog promotion.

First of all you need to know what is blogging? Because it is the basic thing you need to know about blogging.

We can say blogging is internet jourlaism, and blogging service is like a newspaper,as journalist wirtes articles in a newspaper under a subject, You have to choose a blogging service and have to write articles  or posts under a subject.

Back toward our topic. The three things we have to do to start a blog.

1.   Choosing a subject or niche for you blog.

how to begin a blog, how to create a blog, how to make a blog, how to start a blog

·         Think for a moment do you have some interests, likings and passions? Yes everyone has many interests, and you also have many interests.

For example,

Gaming, Sports, Movies, Politics, Food, Fashion, News, Software reviews, Website reviews  and many other  interests.

You can choose one of them any other for your blog.

·         Try to provide solution or help, people search the web to find solutions for their problems, help about something, or anwers of their questions or may be they need honest opinion about something.

So try to provide solution, help or honest opinion to others.

For example,
1.       find a question  and answer it on your blog post.
2.       Teach people how to operate or use something like software, devices.
3.       Give honest opinion about products like software, electronics, vehicles etc.

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·         How to get an idea to create a blog post.

How to create a blog

2.   Choosing a blogging service to create you blog.

There are two most popular blogging servies on the web.
how to begin a blog, how to create a blog, how to make a blog, how to start a blog


·         Blogger is a google;s product and it is free for anyone who have a gmail account. It is made for the ease of users and it has very user friendly interface. Anyone can easily create a blog on blogger.

Advantages of using Blogger.

Blogger is free.
It is free for everyone how have a Google account, google provides free hosting alongwith blogspot free subdomain to all blogger users. An also  you are able to change and customize the design of your blog. You can add videos, images, and URL links according to your wish,google did not show ads with free account if you want to use google ads on your blog then google pays you for these ads.

Simple to use
Blogger’s interface is very simple and user friendly, a new person can understand it quickly, as my experience on blogger that you will know it’s usful features after spending few hours on it.

Easy google search indexing,

Because blogger is google’s own product so google take care of it and when you try to submit your blog on google search console (submission for google search)  google verify your blog made on blogger automatically.

Disadvantages of using Blogger.

No feedback to users,
Google did not have any seprate feedback system for blogger users, it just have a forum for them where you can question to other blogger users and they shre their experience related to the same problem these answers are some times just useless or unclear.

Blogger looks old fashioned
Unlike blogger did not have a homepage for your blog it just shows a feed page of your blog as homepage, and you did not able to do as many as you want customization to it’s front end looks almost similar in all responsive templates.

Customization in desgn and features

Because blogger has few customization in stock for design and features, you need to add HTML andCSS codes for them. It raises up the HTML file size of your blog that causes a SEO issue that is called Content to Code Ratio. You can only resolve this issue by increasing content size of your post.

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·         Wordpress is also a free service for blogging. It has a wide range of tools and plugins for blogging solutions but it is little comlicated for beginners.

Advantages of using wordpress

 Large range of plugins and themes
 Wordpress considered as a best blogging platform because it provides ti’s users thousands of plugins and themes. You can choose mostly of them for free according to your ease.  You can do may kind of customizations according to your thinking in wordpress.
 Free to use,
Wordpress provides free hosting and free sub domain to users do not want to spend money for it.

 Low cost ownership.
 You can upgrade your account to bussiness account for lowest yearly fee. To use wordpress freely for the whole year
On page seo tools
You can easily do on page seo in wordpress by using seo plugins and optimize your blog posts while creating your blog posts.

 Disadvantages of using wordpress

 Plugins and themes ar not available to free users.
 You can not use plugins and themes in free account hosted by wordpress. You have to upgrade your account for that and after upgrading your account you will find that some of plugins and themes are still not available these are not free. You have to pay for them to use them.

 Dificult design and visual cutomization.
Wordpress have deficult design and visual customization , especially if you are a new user then you can not understand it easily.
 Difuclut google search indexing
 Because wordpress is not a google product so google did not take care of it so I you need to index your wordpress site on google search then you need to do great on page seo and full fill all indexing demands of google.

  3.   Your blog promotion.

There are many free or on payment ways to promote your blog. But despite of spending money on blog promotion you can use following free ways to promote your blog.
how to begin a blog, how to create a blog, how to make a blog, how to start a blog

1.     Find people on social media interested in your blog subject, many social media sites have groups or communities about different topics, you can join according to you blog subject.

In my opinion these three are the best social networks for blog promotion.

·         Facebook  is the world’s biggest social media network it have  groups about many topics. People interested in these topics join these groups and discuss with eachother on these topics. You can join these groups and invite people to visit you blog.

·         Twitter has also a big user bank you can search twitter for a topics related to your blog for example #windows or #youtube on tiwtter search you will find many post or tweet related to your topic, you cn comment on these tweets  also you can send personal messages to people on these hashtags to visit your blog.

·         Google+ is also very effective way to promote your blog, it has communities , you can find people interested in your blog subjec on these communities.

how to begin a blog

2.     Submit your blog posts in search engines.

·         Goole URL Submission  is the biggest search engine on the internet, over 90% of internet users use google search, submit the URL of your blog psot in google search  to list your blog post on google search.

·         Bing URL Submission is the second biggest search engine, many people use bing search engine instead of google search so it is very beneficial to submit your blog post in bing search.

3.     URL submission sites.

These sites are very helpful for derving trafic to your blog. You have to submit your blog url on these sites.
For example,
·         Excite submit, when every you create a blog post submit it on Excite submit  it is very fast and imidately add you blog on many search engine, forum sites and other sites and provide 30+ blog impressions or previews instantly.

how to make a blog